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World's Hottest Chili Peppers
A Different Kind Of Global Warming
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Spicy Chili Cocktails Recipes
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Home of the Worlds Hottest Chili Peppers
Carolina Reaper
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga
7 Pot Scorpion Peppers
Ghost Chili
Pamper your taste buds, with these award winning melt in the mouth recipes. Click on above picture to begin your journey to Chili Heaven
World’s Hottest Chili Pepper's Mouthwatering Thai Recipes
Click on above picture to experience a new taste sensation
Tantalize your taste buds, with these award winning melt in the mouth recipes.Click on above picture to begin your journey
Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. With the added endorphin rush of Firehousechilli Grade 'A' chili pepper these Chocolate chili recipes are to die for
Sriracha – this stuff is just plain fantastic. Really! You could wax talk about the optimal levels of heat, garlic, and acid that makes this the stuff that dreams are made of. Click on above picture for your Sriracha recipes
Youtube Chili Cooking Class. Enjoy the worlds hottest chili pepper recipes.Click on above picture
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Firehousechilli Natural Fiery Spice Blends
Spicy Recipes to entice and tantalize your taste buds.
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Our award winning hot chili recipes. Tantalizing recipes like Spicy Sizzling Rib Eye, Ghost Pepper Chili Crab Cakes, Trinidad Scorpion Chili Butter, Chili Sauce, Scorpion Chili Pancakes,Ghost Chili Pepper Shepherd's Pie plus alot more..

 Our Youtube cooking classes pages using Hot Chili Peppers. Classes with recipes like Singapore Chili Crab, Madras Curry,Apple Chili Jam, Trinidad Scorpion Red Prawn Chili Curry.

Love your Chocolate and Hot Chilli?. Our Death by Chocolate recipes are to die for. Chili recipes include Tequila,Choc & Chili Cake,Chili Guinness Choc Cake,Trinidad Scorpion Chili Mango Icecream and lots more.

Invigorating Chili Cocktail Classics such as Spicy Grand Margarita, Chili Watermelon Vodka, Chili Pepper Chocolate Milkshake and lots more. We are constantly updating this cocktail page.

Mouthwatering Chili Recipes such as Beef & Black Bean Chili, Ghost Chili Mini Beef Pies,Chili Bread Bowl,Chili vodka etc..
World's Hottest Chili Pepper

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga
Trinidad Scorpion 7 Pot
Carolina Reaper
Trinidad Scorpion Brain Strain
7 Pod Jonah Chili Pepper
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
Ghost Chili

 Chili Pods, Chili Powder, Chili Flakes,Chili Seeds, Spicy Meat Rubs, Flavored Salts, Spicy Foods and Seasonings
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Spicy Hot Chile Sauce Recipes
                 Home Of The World's Super Hot Chili Pepper
Firehousechilli all natural spicy seasonings, chili pepper's,hot chili seeds, spicy dips,fiery seasonings and hot chile powders are highly sought after across the world market place. Guaranteed superior flavor, aroma, purity and fiercely HOT!
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