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World's Hottest Chili Peppers. Spicy Chili & Chocolate Recipes
A Different Kind Of Global Warming
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Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Mango Icecream
Something cold with raised spicy heat levels, with harmonise taste and temperature by introducing sweetness. The level of intense spicy heat, although heightened and placed out of context, is intended to be enjoyed.
Ghost Chili Chocolate Truffles
You won't believe how easy it is to make these delicious chocolate truffles. Use the best-quality chocolate you can afford and you won't be disappointed.
 Ghost Chili Guinness Chocolate Cake with Irish Cream Frosting-
A delicious cake, with that Chili hit we all love. Irish beer Chilli and chocolate. - Ummm. 'HELLO!!"
 Trinidad Scorpion Chili Double-Chocolate Lamingtons
Chili Lamingtons with a subtle rich-chocolate flavour and feather-light texture that make them equally good. The World's most Chocolaty Chili Lamingtons
Chili Bark - Trinidad Scorpion kick.
 A recipe fit for the gods, dark chocolate and TS chili.
Venezuelan Chili Chocolate Chicken
Chocolate isn't just about dessert, as it adds complexity and depth to savory sauces.
Ginger Chili Chocolate Eskimo Pies
This frozen treat goes to 11 on the taste-o-meter. Bonus: Any extra ingredients can be served in ice cream bowls.
Firehousechilli Hot Chocolate Drink
Everything you like about chocolate and Chilli defined in a single cup.
Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. With the added endorphin rush of Firehousechilli Grade 'A' chili pepper these Chocolate chili recipes are to die for.The Aztecs may have been the first to believe in the connection between chocolate and amorous feelings as chocolate is sensual to eat, lowers stress, and have aphrodisiac qualities. Lovers of Hot Chili Peppers understand the enjoyment of the Chili endorphin rush. We at Firehousechilli hope you enjoy our collection of chilli and chocolate recipes below. Enjoy !!

7th Heaven Chocolate, Chilli & Tequila Cake Recipe
An easy chocolate cake with a kick from chilli and tequila
 "This cake is unbelievably easy to make..A brilliantly simple cake recipe (mix it all together in one bowl and bake it!).Chocolate, Chili & Tequila...Can life get any better than this? I Think not!

 Carolina Reaper & Chocolate, Bacon & Beer Chili Recipe.
The spicy-smoky-sweet taste of this dark, rich chili makes us look forward to cold weather with the Kick of a superhot chili pepper
Beer and Carolina Reaper chilli chocolate peanut brittle
World's Hottest Chili Pepper

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga
Trinidad Scorpion 7 Pot
Carolina Reaper
Trinidad Scorpion Brain Strain
7 Pod Jonah Chili Pepper
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
Ghost Chili

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