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 World’s Hottest Chili Pepper Mouthwatering Recipes
A Different Kind Of Global Warming
World's Hottest Chili Pepper Products Page
Pamper your taste buds, with these award winning melt in the mouth recipes. Click on below links to begin your journey to Chili Heaven
Firehouse Chili Trinidad Scorpion Beef Recipe
Firehousechilli hot idea for a hearty beef chili recipe that’ll get you all fired up
Beef & Black Bean Chili- Ghost Pepper & Scorpion Chili
Black beans and salsa give this beefy chili recipe a Mexican twist. Serve with corn or tortilla chips. Ole!
Trinidad Scorpion Beef Chili Recipe
Rich and tasty Trinidad Scorpion Beef Chili is one hearty meal. Top with cheese and serve with a big hunk of freshly baked bread for a dish sure to satisfy.
Chili Bread Bowl
Edible Bread bowls make it easy for lovers of Chili to clean their plates! This hearty beef chili recipe is served up in individual bread rolls it’s as fun to make as it is to eat. Don't forget to keep this idea in mind for stews
and chowders, too!
Thirty-Minute Ghost Chili Beef Recipe
They say there's no better chili than in Texas, but now we can have those same Texas flavors with the unique flavour of Ghost Chili Pepper wherever we live. We must admit that we added the tomatoes ourselves, 'cause true Texas chili doesn't ever have tomatoes (or beans, either).
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chili Beef Soup
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga soup. Delicious!!, serve with freshly baked crusty bread.
Restaurant Quality Chili Recipe
Restaurant quality Chili recipe, the secret ingredient is the dried 7 Pot Douglah Chili Pepper, this will enhance the sweetness of your meat. Your friends will be licking the plate clean.
Butch T Chicken Chili Recipe
 If you're looking for a change of pace from beef, this Butch T chili recipe is a tasty alternative
Trinidad Scorpion Chicken Chili Recipe
This recipe is always a big hit! Our Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chili recipe mixes delicious flavors with ease and is lighter than a beef chili, so it often tops our list of favorites.
Ghost Chili/ Bhut Jolokia Chicken Chili
Two all-time favorites, chicken and chili, combined in one dish that you will love making and your Friends will love eating.
Holy Trinity Turkey Chili Recipe
Holy Trinity Turkey Chili recipe is a hearty chili recipe that gives us the best of both worlds so we can enjoy the unique flavours of the world’s Superhot Chili Peppers we crave in chili. Heat and Flavour-Yum!
In a Hurry Trinidad Scorpion
 7 Pot Chili Chicken
When you need something right away, try this fast chicken chili recipe for one of today's light meals with more than a light taste. Mmm mmm!
7 Pot Douglah Italian Chili Recipe
A bowl of hot chili can really hit the spot! This one goes from stovetop to table in about twenty minutes,so we can always enjoy the taste of this rare chili pepper...even when we're busy!
Trinidad Scorpion Brain Strain Veggie Chili Recipe
This vegetarian chili recipe is so hearty; no one will miss the meat. And our Trinidad Scorpion Brain Strain Veggie Chili offers many of the Tex-Mex flavors and the chilli rush we love.
 Ghost Chili Pepper Veggie Packed Chili Recipe
Set it and go! Toss together this combination of prepared and fresh veggies and simmer the mixture 'til it becomes a thick and chunky vegetable chili. What could be easier or more satisfying?
7 Pod Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate Douglah Garlic- Mayo
Quick and easy mayonnaise dressing. Will taste even better the next day when the flavours develop.
Trinidad Scorpion Chili Bread
Trinidad Scorpion Chili Bread, Outback style.
Quick & Easy Trinidad Scorpion Chili Salsa
Make your own Trinidad Scorpion Chili Salsa add to recipes, or combine with cornchips. Yum!
Chili Vodka
Make the world’s best bloody mary with your own Chili Vodka
Tandoori Chicken Trinidad Scorpion Chili Pepper
 This low-fat Chili Tandoori chicken is packed full of flavour. It's quick to cook and the marinade does all the work - who needs takeaways?
Scorpion Chili Pepper Crab, Lime and Chili Recipe
A simple, stylish canapé that takes just minutes to prepare
Ghost Chili Mini Beef Pies
Perfect Ghost Pepper Beef pies party nibbles to impress your guests with
 Ghost Pepper Chili Chocolate Lollipops
A chocolaty treat with a fiery Chili kick
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 Make your own Hot & Spicy Chili Oil
Sweet, Spicy & Salty Chili Candied Pecans (aka “Crack Nuts”)
Microwave spicy hot chili jam
                 Home Of The World's Super Hot Chili Pepper
Firehousechilli all natural spicy seasonings, chili pepper's,hot chili seeds, spicy dips,fiery seasonings and hot chile powder are highly sought after across the world market place. Guaranteed superior flavor, aroma, purity and fiercely HOT!
Slow-Cooked Fiery Spiced Carolina Reaper Chili Lamb Shanks
Spicy Chile Carolina Reaper Baked Pork Steaks Recipe
Hot Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Jelly Recipe
 Hot Carolina Reaper Chili Coffee Dry Rub Recipe
Spicy Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper BBQ Chicken Recipe
 Hot & Spicy Carolina Reaper Chile Pepper Beer Batter Recipe
Unbelievable Spicy Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Baked Buffalo Wings Recipe
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