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Trinidad Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah Chili Pepper
Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah Chili Pepper is grown on the island of Trinidad, just outside of Vonezula.This is a rare and extremely HOT Chili Pepper. In Trinidad it is used in military grade tear gas and marine paint to prevent Barnacles.

Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah flavour is extremely strong smoking flavour with a unbelievable sharp heat. The heat for 7 Pot Douglah will lift and separate the top of your head. Its said that one Pod of Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah Chili Pepper will spice 7 pots of curry.

Dried Chili Peppers gives a new dimension to the flavour. You get a richer or sweeter flavour .Whole dried Chili Peppers have the protection of their outer skins to stop natural oils and flavour from escaping. It takes one pound of fresh chili pepper to make one ounce of dried. Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah has been tested at 1,853,396 on high and 923,889 on low.

This Chili Pepper has the highest capsicum oil in any Chili. It can also be good for you. Containing an Alkaloid compound, it's thought to help prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, provide plenty of of vitamin B,C as well as collagen that helps promote healthy blood vessels, bones, organs and skin.

Chilli Heads want a Chili Pepper that is Hotter and Spicier. The Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah is that Chili. Blistering heat levels with intense flavour's. Hot enough to blow your ears off. Eating one is like Bungee- jumping blindfolded. Once you make the leap and put some in your mouth, you know you've got a massive and inescapable face- distorting force coming soon ...you just don't know when.
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Natural Chili Pepper
Spice Blends.
 1/2 oz= 14 Grams. 1 oz= 28 Grams. 1.5 oz= 42 Grams
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7 Pot Douglah Chili Pepper Powder
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